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Wendy Chapman

Wendy was born and raised in Cornwall so has excellent knowledge of the area.  She has spent extensive time exploring bridleways and footpaths on mountain bike and on foot.  She loves to get a map out and configure a new route and find new areas.  She is a member of Truro Running Club and regularly competes in local road and off road races, winning her age category for 2016 and also the 'Most Improved Runner' shield.  In 2016 she came 3rd female at the Endurancelife Classic Quarter and 1st female at the Mud Crew RAT Plague.

This year she is taking on the Jurassic Coast Challenge and the Lakeland 100, along with a few other small races along the way, including Westward League Cross Country.

Wendy is a England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness LIRF.  This enables her to lead runs with Truro Running Club most Wednesdays and also help out with the Walk/Run group which is a group primarily for runners who have just started or are coming back from injury.

Wendy is an obsessive runner and when not running is generally thinking about running or planning her next run/race!!

Wendy Chapman Cornwall Running Guide

Dave Cudby

Dave is a permanent fixture in the Cornish trail running scene whether running, marshalling, sweeping races or just turning up at the after parties.  He spent many years hiking in the mountains of Southern Spain during his time living there and since settling in Cornwall in 2013 has spent countless hours out exploring the trails.  Dave has run every part of the Cornish coastpath, including 140 miles continuously for the North Coast Challenge and he has also completed Mud Crew Arc of Attrition.  He has good moor knowledge and has ascended the majority of peaks over Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor.

Further afield he has also completed Lakeland 100 and the Fellsman amongst many ultramarathons (and is currently working on a 2nd Bob Graham Round attempt in the coming year).

Dave is heavily involved at Truro Running Club as a Leader in Running Fitness and is a serial organiser of off-road running adventures generally ending at a pub.

Dave Cudby Cornwall Running Guide