Penwith Explore with Storm Doris

Cornwall running guide on path

Well what a day today was, running up hills not being able to go forward and literally being swept off our feet. It started with moody skies and a climb up Rosewall Hill where we found the ponies in the best place sheltering from the wind.

running in cornwall with storm doris ponies

We then headed over towards Towednack for our next climb up Trendrine Hill, the wind was just vicious and we shredded our legs on the gorse and bracken due to the paths becoming somewhat overgrown in the winter months.

running with storm doris in Cornwall

Onwards to Zennor Hill where we rewarded with blue skies and an awesome downhill. Back onto the coastpath where it was actually more sheltered and out of the wind it was really quite pleasant.

running sttorm doris at Zennor

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